• Together, We'll Change The Story

    It’s fun to read stories, but it’s more fun to choose what happens next. Zoozil’s books let young readers go back in history to direct the characters, explore new perspectives and even change the ending! Whether rocketing to the moon or capturing a spy during WWI, children can have a new adventure each time they read while learning and growing all along the way. They’re more than just books—they’re journeys through time that readers will never forget.

    We combine the best elements of interactivity, compelling information, and exciting storytelling to captivate readers from grades K-12.


Students, Change The Story!

Connect the story to your own fantasy world by directing the destiny of the characters. Along the way, you’ll learn some really cool things.

Let Zoozil take your imagination on a journey you will never forget!

Samantha Duffield

Samantha Duffield

6th Grade English Teacher

Zoozil is an accessible app for all types of readers. I have found it to be extremely beneficial for struggling readers because many of these kids find traditional books to be daunting. Zoozil provides an entry point into reading through the ability to change the story during exciting plot events and the opportunity to gain perspective as they read the story through different characters. Students are able to read and comprehend historical fiction through narratives that not only inform, but encourage the reader to be a part of the ride.

Harvey Rachlin

Harvey Rachlin


With history traditionally being presented as a collection of dates and cardboard historical figures that have to be memorized, students have been turned off to learning about the past and dreaded reading through boring textbooks. With Zoozil, readers will be thrust into the action so that history comes marvelously alive!

Christine Sepulveda

Christine Sepulveda

5th Grade Teacher

Zoozil is a powerful tool for any teacher or parent that knows the importance of being a good reader. The current shift in literacy education is to provide students with a balance of fiction and non-fiction. Through the unique genre they have created, Zoozil has revolutionized the way books come alive.